Reiki magic

Not many people know this about me what I am going to share…

I always thought of reiki as a special super power of mine that I wanted to keep to myself and my family. Being brought up in Hungary where people still use herbal remedies to heal and often wear crystals for protection or see a psychic for guidance, it was part of normal life – until I moved to the UK. Getting used to life here (I am talking 16 years ago) I realised not many people did these things. Now thinking about it, it was more to do with the people around me than the country, and mainly my insecurities, trying to fit in. I thought that sharing woo-woo stuff would make me look like a weirdo or at least someone a little bit crazy.

My circle has changed since and I am so lucky to have a supportive husband who despite being very down to earth, is now more open to this magic and understands me more when I talk about energy.

I got attuned to Reiki level 1 a few years ago when I felt I needed to connect to myself more and wanted to learn some new tools that could help me look after my young family. When they got poorly or had any little accidents, I used to panic and felt I wanted to be able to do more to help than I could at the time. Reiki taught me to stay calmer and tune in to be the nurturing mum I wanted to be. My daughters love it when I give them a little massage in the evening and do some reiki while we chat about our days. It helped many times to regulate their (and my) emotions. I talk to them about energy and how we can sometimes feel bad vibes from certain people or places we visit and other times we can connect with new people like old friends, within hours of meeting. I want them to be aware of this and listen to their gut feelings which we often override in our busy, pressured society. I think it is important that they grow up knowing their bodies and minds and learn techniques that can help them connect with different parts of their unique beings. You can call this spirituality or whatever you want to, the labels are not important here. Whatever feels the right word for you, use that.

I met Colleen, my “Reiki mama”, through a women’s coaching group. My coach at the time had a podcast where she interviewed Colleen and I felt the spark to connect. That was when I lost my father-in-law very suddenly to cancer which really shook me up. Colleen helped me through this trauma. Her support meant the world to me. She kept reminding me to look after myself more and claim some me time to grow and connect with my feminine side. I have been working with Colleen for over 4 years now and I am so lucky to have her support. She attuned me to Reiki Level 2, then recently to Reiki Master. I am still finding my ways of practising and still get lost, when Colleen gives me another nudge – somehow she always knows when it is happening and I need a little reminder! It is a special rhythm, that you kind of flow with but the beauty of it is that you can create your own, no perfect or bad way of doing it. I always laugh about this and often tell Colleen that I am her black sheep who doesn’t use reiki in a traditional way. But this is my life, where I can use it how I want to in order to create more harmony, joy and inspiration around me.

Have you heard of reiki? Have you experienced it? I would love to hear about it.
If you need any guidance and would like to chat to me about how I could support you, please reach out. I would love to connect.

To connect with Colleen, visit her page