Team Building & Wellbeing

Are you ready to really invest in your team? 

I specialise in team building cookery workshops and help companies, schools, universities in Sheffield and surrounding areas to provide their employees and students a hands on team building activity.

I provide all the equipment, ingredients and run the session that can be tailored to your team’s needs. If you need a fun activity to help your colleagues switch off, I would design the session to just do that.

If you are working on a special project I can embed tasks to instigate creative thinking and competition. If you are going through change (change of management, merger, etc.) I can talk to about adding special focus on team work and collaboration.  The cookery aspect is just a tool – that of course provides tasty and impressive end products –  that will help achieve deeper goals, depending on what these are.

Where do the sessions take place? What is included?

I can come to you or I can help you find a venue. I work closely with La Mama Tapas Bar and Restaurant, PJ Taste and The Cambridge Collaborative that will be opening later this year.

I can travel to Chesterfield, Rotherham, Barnsley, Leeds, Manchester and Birmingham. I am also happy to accommodate special requests.

Why should you choose me?

I have over 13 years of experience in managing teams. I worked for DLA Piper as the manager of the AML (Anti-Money Laundering Team) and had a team of 20 people to look after. I loved mentoring and coaching them and the feedback they gave me many times was “Viki, you see us, you listen and care about us so we want to work harder for you!”.

I offer an initial consultation with you and your management team to discuss your needs and goals. You can then pick from one of my team building sessions or I can build you a bespoke package. I primarily offer cookery workshops – pasta masterclasses being the most popular – and also workshops around mental health, wellbeing and nutrition. You can opt for a one off workshop or discuss a longer term package where I can support you for 6-12 month on an ongoing basis with different types of cookery and nutrition related activities.

What are the benefits of investing in team building activities?

Increases attendance with the view of taking part in a fun activity. 
Enhances communication and improves collaboration. 
Fosters positive relationships. 
Helps build problem-solving skills, encourages critical thinking and innovative solutions. 
Creates fond memories that could spark further activities. 
Reduces stress and boosts morale.
Creates space for the team members to get to know each other and bond more.

Workshops and seminars for wellbeing days


Pasta demo and “have a go” session 

Pasta making demonstration where I show how to make pasta from scratch. I would bring some ready made pasta dough and a few pasta machines with me. These could be set up in the room and people who want to have a go, could try it. This would shift the focus and allow a bit more flexibility. 

Healthy eating tips for busy professionals: Talk and Q&A

A talk that highlights:

* the principles of healthy eating while addressing current trends and myths;

* tips on making everyday dishes more wholesome with simple swaps;

* strategies for meal planning to reduce stress and overwhelm;

* essential vitamins and minerals to include in the diet in stressful periods to reduce anxiety (eating for better mental health).

*Time for Q&A at the end.

How to make quick and nutritious snacks – demo with tasting

* Show how to prepare energy balls and bars with nuts, seeds, dried fruits etc.;

* Tasting session;

* Option for a few people to come and help me make these;

* Talk about the importance of blood sugar control (i.e. how crucial this is for mental health, mood swings, anxiety, also for weight control);

* Tips of batch preparing for a quick snack to take out when on the go.

Gut health talk and fermentation demonstration

* What is gut health and the microbiome and why it is important to look after it

* Tips on how to look after it

* Benefits of consuming fermented products

* How to do this at home in a time efficient way

* Learn to make your own gut shot

* Sample some fresh kefir

* Q&A to close

Understanding Perimenopause: talk and Q&A

* Learn about the changes in your body and mental health throughout perimenopause.

* Discover helpful tips and coping strategies to ease symptoms.

* Explore vitamins, minerals, and herbs beneficial during this phase.

* Homemade energy bars as welcome snacks.