That was a wake up call! How negative our self-talk can really get?

How many times do you make up stories about what other people might be thinking of you? Whether it is something you are doing at the time or just the simple characteristics of your personality?

If you follow my Instagram page, you might have seen my recent video I shared about what happened to me the other day, parking my car at the GP surgery. It was a bit of a wake up call and made me realise how negative my thoughts were a lot of the time. But we do this all the time, almost to protect ourselves, getting ready for the worst case scenario. As if our brains are scanning for the threats and coming up with different plans about how to deal with these.

The whole situation that I shared (thinking this guy watching me park my car then finding out he had blurred vision and wasn’t watching me as he couldn’t actually see me) made feel like an absolute idiot. Also selfish thinking anyone would care about what I do – certainly how I park my car!

I wanted to share this to invite you to pause and have a think about how you talk to yourself. What stories do you make up that cause anxiety and stress? How could you change this thinking and turn it into something more positive?

It was an interesting situation as I honestly thought this old chap was watching making sure I didn’t scratch his car. I even walked up to him laughing saying I bet he thought I wouldn’t get the car in that tight spot. Good job he had blurred vision and didn’t see my face drop. I did wonder what he was thinking after that conversation though! 🙂

I feel that when we get so engrossed in what others are doing and thinking of us we lose the sense of reality. We almost forget who we are and only seeing ourselves through these tinted glasses with a lot of criticism and negativity. As if we were “fine tuned” for the bad stuff to survive? I wonder why this is? Or if it is just me?

I have been trying to digest this all week and come up with an idea to change this negative thinking. Could we somehow flip that switch and find the smiles and kindness that is out there instead of the negativity? Could we be the ones who spread the joy and positive vibe? 

What are your thoughts on this?