Cooking Classes and Nutrition Coaching in Sheffield & South Yorkshire


My name is Viki, I am a qualified Nutrition Coach specialising in Culinary Medicine. I am also a mum of two little girls and a self-taught chef.

My mission is to help you tune into your body more to become healthier and happier. I believe that we all have the ability to be the best versions of ourselves and are able to make the necessary changes ourselves. Sometimes we just need a little nudge and an expert who can assist in speeding the process up.

I am passionate about guiding you, teaching you and inspire you how to achieve this and I am here to be your companion on this journey that can be overwhelming and often scary when you embark on it.

I can help you rebuild your relationship with your diet, your health and wellbeing and inspire you to cook new dishes while also having fun in the kitchen. I will teach you how to roll the perfect dough along with useful tips on how to make it more nutritious. You can come along to my hands on workshops or cook with me online.

I love experimenting with different cuisines and my recipes are infused with herbs and spices I tried visiting different countries and some that are deeply rooted in my Hungarian heritage.

I also run hands on cookery classes for team building activities, birthday parties and more. If you fancy joining me on an open class, please visit my booking page where you can find out the date of my next event.

With the “love of food”,



  • Highly recommend. A very enjoyable, welcoming and informative event with Viki providing great food and inspiration for further variations.

    Alexander Wilson Avatar Alexander Wilson
    March 31, 2022

    We visited the pasta making workshop at La Mama in Sheffield and had a wonderful time. Vikki is a great teacher and it's amazing how simple and satisfying it is to make fresh pasta. We enjoyed some of our creations on the day with some of Vikki's gorgeous pesto. (would definitely recommend), and had plenty left to make a few meals when at home. Would absolutely recommend for anyone and any occasion. Thanks so much Twiddle!

    Greg Roberts Avatar Greg Roberts
    May 31, 2022

    Y4 from Dore Primary School, certainly listened carefully and observed intently as Viki from Twiddlefood carried out a bread demonstration on Monday. Not only did we hear about the specific techniques that are required for bread making e.g. kneading and proving, she also enhanced our Science knowledge by considering the changes of state that take place when using yeast (look at the photograph of the balloon). Next week we will put this knowledge into practice when we bake our own loaves.

    Sarah Drazek Avatar Sarah Drazek
    January 31, 2021
  • My husband and me bought each other this pasta making experience as a Christmas present to each other and we had a wonderful time! We shall definitely be using our new pasta skills in the future. We would highly recommend this course to anyone,

    Cathy Dean Avatar Cathy Dean
    March 3, 2022


    Éva Tóth Avatar Éva Tóth
    January 31, 2022

    Viki ran a workshop for me. It was very well-organised and professional, as well as being engaging and fun. The food was delicious!

    Emma J Jones Avatar Emma J Jones
    March 31, 2022