Sisterhood of Success

Finding and supporting my tribe is paramount to my business and an important part of my ethos. Throughout my journey with Twiddle I have met many wonderful ladies who are rockstar mumpreneurs. I wanted to showcase their businesses and share a bit of their magic too. You can also find some voucher codes below that my friends have kindly offered to my lovely community!

Natural skincare for mothers and daughters: 

Founder: Julie, a mum of 3 gorgeous daughters who created beautiful nourishing skincare products. The idea was born while talking to her eldest daughter about skincare and struggling to find products that were suitable for her daughter’s skin. Julie retrained with Formula Botanica and designed her own range. Julie is an advocate of creating bonds between mums and daughters and shares lots of great ideas about how to build a great long-lasting relationship.

Website: HOME – Comme Des Jumelles

Instagram: Natural Beauty Brand for Mothers & Daughters (@commedesjumelles_official) • Instagram photos and videos

Listen to our conversation on YouTube: Nourishing mums and daughters through skincare and food with Julie and Viki (

Drawing classes and face painting parties: VitaZukaArt and Face Painting in Sheffield

Founder: Vita, also a mumpreneur who is a watercolour superstar artist and also a great teacher! She has previously designed some fantastic logos and meal planners for me, run an arty party for my daughter’s 10th birthday and taught a big group of my friends to make watercolour pictures. She now also offers face painting services for events.


Instagram: Illustrations / Patterns (@vitazuka_art) • Instagram photos and videos

Face Painting Sheffield (@facepaintingsheffield) • Instagram photos and videos


Fermenting jars and equipment: KEFIRKO

I absolutely love my fermenting jars from KEFIRKO. A great and hygienic way to ferment that also saves time and cleaning up.

Voucher code: TWIDDLE can be used at the checkout for 10% off as I have an affiliate agreement with this seller.

Instagram: @kefirkouk • Instagram photos and videos

Chicory coffee – healthy coffee alternative: Noffee

In my desperate search for a high quality chicory coffee, I have found Noffee. I immediately fell in love with the brand, the stylish packaging and most importantly the story behind it. I got in touch with the founder, Krishma, who created Noffee in the pandemics while going through a difficult time. She noticed how having multiple cups of coffee as a comfort drink made her jittery and affected her sleep. She was also keen to keep her morning coffee ritual going but couldn’t find a suitable drink to replace it with, hence created her own.

I bought a pack to test it out and was really pleasantly surprised! It has a nice roast coffee like taste and if you have it with steamed soy milk, can’t really tell the difference from a regular coffee. You won’t get the shakes though or the crush.

PR Consultancy – Jo Swann: Chocolate PR

I met Jo via a women’s networking group and took part in one of her free 3 day PR challenges. I learnt so much from her regarding defining what I stand for with my business – even though I have a degree in PR, she taught me so much! I highly recommend giving her a follow, or buying her book. She has so many golden nuggets to share!